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Sarah Geronimo Picture

Here' a few photo's collection of Filipino recording artist and actress Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah started her official debut in show business after having won the Star for a Night singing competition. In 2003, after winning the contest, she released her first album entitled Popstar: A Dream Come True under Viva Records.

She is the first Filipino artist to receive a platinum award for a DVD copy of her concert The Other Side in 2005 and is currently the only artist who has a platinum record for 4 DVDs of her concert. Her fourth one was awarded with triple platinum status in December of 2010.

Moreover, Geronimo received from the Aliw Awards the "Best Female Major Concert" award for Record Breaker and the "Entertainer of the Year" award, making her the youngest artist to receive it in history.

Sarah Geronimo Picture

Sarah Geronimo Shocking and Emotional Photos

Sarah Geronimo as Teenager

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